Gokulam Interdesign team can assist you with designing and completing your interior work to your choice and budget.
Interdesign team consist of creative designers and Engineers to provide ergonomic , space saving  and cost effective designs.
Based on your requirements and budget, we provide a sketch along with the estimate for your approval.
You will be presented with couple of designs to choose from.
Our team of highly skilled artisans under the supervision of experienced engineers execute the work for you.

Bulk purchase of materials direct from the manufacturers, at project supply prices, ensures cost effectiveness for you.
Only the best quality materials are used to meet your requirement and budget.
Please submit your interiors enquiry using interior enquiry form, and we will contact you to discuss in detail.


  •  Prioritize your wants over your needs: the idea of decorating your home can be overwhelming, and every room seems like it needs something.Determine what rooms need the most focus first. If you entertain or spend most of your time in the kitchen and dining area – this becomes your focus. Instead of decorating all the bedrooms and it’s only two of you living at your home.

  • Determine the new theme or tone for your new look home: First of all you need to have a clear idea of what theme or new look you want for your home, i.e, traditional, modern, contemporary, vintage…  There are numerous Interior decoration magazines and other sources available in the market today. Do glance through some of these material to determine what theme or look you want for your house.