The need of the hour is to protect our mother nature. Nurture nature like our own children. We need to leave the Earth like our forefathers received it from their forefathers. The inhuman among us have been destroying the nature because of their greed and for their own personal gains. We have been silent  partners in destroying the  forests and cutting down trees for building our houses and our comforts. We were passive mute spectators when our surroundings were being destroyed.

All of us need to start acting against this random vandalisation and sheer destruction of the nature. We at Gokulam is going Green.  For every home we build, we commit to plant one tree and take a reciprocal commitment from our customers to plant one Tree. Gokulam will facilitate the planting of the tree by our customers. Prior to handing over of keys we will ensure that two trees are planted for every home we build.